What was your first job role at Schoolcomms? And today?

My first job role at Schoolcomms was a software tester & support role. I’ve grown into the test role and today I am the Software Test Lead.

How long have you worked at Schoolcomms?

I completed a placement year in with Schoolcomms in 2009 and then went back to university to complete my degree. I returned as a Software Tester in 2011.

What made you apply for a job at Schoolcomms?

After completing my placement year with Schoolcomms, I was offered a job with the company after graduation as a Software Tester. I was excited to be offered this opportunity and I knew I could continue to progress my career within the company.

Describe your first week at Schoolcomms

It was a long time ago! I remember it being quite daunting before I started as it was my first office based role in an area I knew I wanted to build my career in. I enjoyed investigating the product and getting to know the system inside out so I could support and test effectively. As soon as I started, I felt like I had real responsibility within a hardworking & motivated team.

What’s it like working in Worthing?

It’s great, I can walk to work along the seafront which is a lovely way to start the day. Our office is very central, we’re a few minutes walk away from the all the beach, shops, cafes and bars.

What would a normal working day look like for you?

Each day is different, depending on what projects we are working on and where we are within the development lifecycle. I could be testing wireframes with the product team, defining acceptance tests with the developers, exploratory testing new projects or existing products through a process of continuous maintenance. We are focused on delivering early visibility of functionality to the business and end users; my days are focused around refining our test processes and procedures to help achieve this goal.

What training and development opportunities have you been able to take advantage of since being at Schoolcomms?

My favourite testing conference I’ve been to is TestBash, which is held in Brighton (luckily, only down the road from Worthing). I’ve been for the last 3 years, and it’s inspiring to spend time with other people who are passionate about testing.

What has most surprised you about your role at Schoolcomms?

Just how quickly you’re able to progress. Your managers want you to get what you want out of your role just as much as you do. So any ideas about training or new opportunities to progress into are always welcome, all you need to do is chat with your manager and more often than not they’ll do what they can to help you get there.

Any advice for someone wanting to join your team?

We love people who are passionate about testing and delivering software to solve real end-user needs. A tester who wants to progress their career in an exciting, challenging and evolving test team. Someone who actively practices and seeks to become a better tester and enjoys coming in and telling us about what they are learning and how it could benefit us.

In your opinion, what makes Schoolcomms a unique place to work?

Schoolcomms has a great team, everyone is friendly, supportive, hard working and cares a lot about the product and the team. It’s a great environment to work in. I have always been supported through my career at Schoolcomms. We get regular mentoring from our line managers on improving our skills and weekly 1-2-1 sessions to provide feedback on our progress.

Is there anything that you’re particularly proud of that you’ve achieved since being at Schoolcomms?

Starting off as the only tester at Schoolcomms and working my way up to becoming the Software test lead of the testing team and becoming part of the management team.

Perks of the job?

• Working with a lovely team that are all motivated and committed to the success of the company
• We have nice working equipment and test devices to use.
• 6 work events each year, that range from Go-Karting to Cocktail making.
• Visiting our colleagues in Bude, a work event that involved surfing & BBQ is always a bonus!

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