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School Gateway is the Schoolcomms online parent portal. Parents can view information, respond to school requests, book on to school trips, breakfast or after-school clubs and make payments.

Parents can access School Gateway online or via the app 24/7. They can view all of their children on one account – even if they’re at different schools.

Getting started is easy. Parents simply enter their mobile number and email address and the system automatically generates a login code.


Parents can book their children onto clubs via School Gateway. The school can set up the club sessions and make them available to book for parents and school staff, offering a variety of booking options if needed.

Dinner Money


On-the-go parents can view their dinner money balance for their children via the School Gateway web, smartphone app or even the Apple Watch app – no need to ring school for an update on their balance. This saves admin time and is convenient for busy parents.



Making payments via School Gateway is easy. Parents simply open the app on their tablet, smartphone or laptop and select payments. They can view what they owe and pay the total or pay in installments, depending on what’s been set up by school.



Parents can view their child’s attendance on their smartphone, tablet or the School Gateway website. They can explain any absences straight from the screen so the school has fewer unexplained absences.



Parents always love to hear that their child is doing well. School Gateway can pull achievement data from SIMS and automatically notify parents when their child’s achievement is logged.



Being integrated with SIMS, timetable data can be displayed on School Gateway so parents can see what lessons their child has that day. This can help start conversations at home about the school day.

Students can also see what lessons they have to ensure they are always in the right place at the right time.



School Gateway can display behaviour data from SIMS. Schools can choose what data to show to parents: Incident type, subject and teacher information, points and action; choose to display staff comments about the incident and enable or disable automatic notifications.

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