Parents and schools like Schoolcomms Payments as it makes paying for everything from school meals to school trips simple, fast, safe and accessible anytime 24-7.


Schoolcomms Payments links seamlessly with SIMS as well as leading accounting and catering systems including SIMS Dinner Money, Pebble, Private Funds Manager (PFM) and cashless catering systems.

‘School Gateway’: Online Parent Portal

As part of the Schoolcomms Payments package you will receive a School Gateway web page (including your school logo) which can be linked to from your school website. This is where parents will go to make online payments.
School Gateway shows parents the payment requests relating to their children. If they have more than one child at school or children at another Schoolcomms school, they will see requests relating to each of their children – a really popular feature for parents.
Using this simple, effective and well-designed approach we can have you up and running in no time – collecting money for school trips, meals, after-school clubs, uniform and more.
Features of the system include the ability to allocate subsidies such as Pupil Premium funds and to gain parental consent for school trips at the point of payment.

For more information call 0844 445 7147