The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) have published a useful blog for schools on texting home during exam season following a recent study.

The article focusses on revision support, and offers key tips on texting during revision before exams.

Erica Brandt, Research Manager behing the study, says:

“Revision sessions are often set up to strengthen certain skills, like a certain set text in English, or equations for Maths. Teachers can reinforce these lessons by texting home”.

Some useful examples of texts to send home:

‘Hi, today Sam focused on cells in biology revision. Ask him what an enzyme is. Thanks, Mr Z.’

‘Hi, Sam’s revising English language this week. Have him write a detailed paragraph on his earliest memory. Thanks, Mr Y’

To encourage attendance at revision sessions, CPE recommend texting home about the sessions, including the key information such as subject, day and time of the session. Sometimes they might ask that the parent encourages their child to come along.

Tips can be sent the day before exams too:

‘Hi, tomorrow is Sally’s Maths exam. Please make sure she goes to bed early and stays hydrated. Thanks, St Mark’s’

Finally, CPE suggests that schools look at their strengths – some schools hold walking and talking revision sessions, or free breakfast for students with an exam later that day. If you offer anything like this, be sure to let parents know and encourage their child to come along.

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