Careers at Schoolcomms

Why you'll love working here

At Schoolcomms we are dynamic, motivated and most of all fun. We like to work hard and have a good time working and playing as a team.

If you’re positive and forward-thinking, get in contact with us and we’ll see if it’s a good match.

Check our vacancies page for specific departments that we’re currently hiring in.

Meet some of our people

Development Team / Worthing

The Development Team are the guys who keep pushing our products forward. They are constantly looking for the best way to meet the requirements of the schools and parents by using the latest technologies and playing with cool stuff.

Profile: Tom Pullen

Software Developer

Tom joined the Schoolcomms team as a Junior Software Developer in 2016 after graduating from Brighton University.  Since then he has contributed to many of our projects, helping to provide our customers with the high quality service they expect from us and has since been promoted to Software Developer.

Profile: Tom Pullen
Profile: Kirby Smith

Customer Training Team / Bude

The Training Team are responsible for providing detailed but straightforward training sessions for customers and making sure they are comfortable using our products and know how to use all the various features.

Profile: Kirby Smith

Training Manager

Kirby is one of our Training gurus. She’s friendly, hard-working and knows everything there is to know about the Schoolcomms products. Starting as a training consultant she now leads the Customer Training Team.

Product Team / Worthing

The Product Team develop the Schoolcomms product spectrum and features to meet the requirements of existing and potential customers, they're also responsible for implementing new products into the live environment.

Profile: Emily Bellenie

Business Analyst

Emily started as an intern from Sussex University. She worked hard for her years internship and we loved her so much we wanted her back. So after finishing her degree and graduating, she came back to work at Schoolcomms full time.

Profile: Emily Bellenie
Profile: Stuart Leonard

Sales Team / Bude

The Sales Team are based in the Bude office, they're a noisy bunch who advise schools on the latest technology and products from Schoolcomms that can benefit their school.

Profile: Stuart Leonard

Sales Team Leader

This is Stu, one of our top Schoolcomms Advisors. Originally from London, he joined the Schoolcomms Sales Team 7 years ago for a new chapter in Bude and is now a Sales Team Leader.

Marketing Team / Bude

A dynamic, results focussed team who like all things creative. They are driven to push the business forward whilst keeping the core Schoolcomms values intact.

Profile: Jo Goode

Marketing Manager

Jo has been an integral part of the marketing team for almost 3 years having previously worked for Compaq and HP. She is dedicated, diligent and brings a fun and creative flair to the team.

Profile: Jo Goode
Profile: Kai Sells

Customer Support Team / Bude

The Support Team are always on hand to help Schoolcomms customers with queries, to investigate and resolve issues. They also help internal staff with technical queries or problems. They are the first port of call for help and assistance.

Profile: Kai Sells

Software Support Analyst

Kai has been at Schoolcomms since 2017. He joined the Support Team as a Software Support Analyst as first line support for our school customers.

Test Team / Worthing

The Test Team are the guys who make sure our products, whether its the Parent app or the Payments software, is secure, works correctly and smooth to use.

Profile: Jodie Dann

Software Tester

Jodie joined the test team in 2015, bringing with her a wealth of experienced in her previous roles.  Since then she has built her domain knowledge and successfully become a core member of the Schoolcomms test team.

Profile: Jodie Dann
Profile: Ruth Maloney

Finance Team / Bude

The Finance Team are the people who keep everything in check, they are accurate, thorough but also flexible with their time. They keep track of all the ins and outs making sure everything is as it should be.

Profile: Ruth Maloney


Ruth has been a part of the Finance Team for just over 2 years after starting off in a dual role within both the Support Team and Finance. She’s diligent, hardworking and great with spreadsheets.

Our Offices


Bude is a thriving seaside town on the coast of North Cornwall. It’s very popular with holidaymakers as a surfing and family-break destination with it’s long sandy beaches and some of the top surfing locations in the country. Schoolcomms Bude office is just 5 minutes away from the beach and many of the staff here like to grab a sandwich and sit overlooking the sea on their lunch break.


Worthing is a large seaside town in the historic county of Sussex, and a buzzing shopping, dining, entertainment and business centre. It’s conveniently located on a major road and rail network making it easy to get to for both workers and visitors. The award winning beach and local beauty such as the South Downs National Park make Worthing a great place to live and work.