What was your first job role at Schoolcomms? And today?

When I first started working for Schoolcomms I had a split role between the accounts office and the support/training office. Nowadays I work full time in accounts.

How long have you worked at Schoolcomms?

I have worked for Schoolcomms for 13 months.

What made you apply for a job at Schoolcomms?

I was looking for an accounts based job in or around Bude. I knew of Schoolcomms and that it was a professional, thriving business that was expanding rapidly. It was exactly the type of company I wanted to work for.

Describe your first week at Schoolcomms

My first week, although I was nervous was fantastic. I was made to feel so welcome and everyone was extremely helpful. By the end of the week I knew it wouldn’t take long to settle in and as one of my colleagues said “It feels like you have been here for ages already”.

What’s it like working in Bude?

Bude is a fantastic place to work. It’s got a great sense of community and is a bustling Cornish town with plenty to do. And of course what could be better than being able to pop to the beach after a day in the office!

What would a normal working day look like for you?

A normal working day consists of lots of invoices, payments, spreadsheets and helping schools with any account queries they have.

What training and development opportunities have you been able to take advantage of since being at Schoolcomms?

Schoolcomms is very good at offering staff the opportunity to advance and develop their skills if they feel it necessary. I have been able to attend an excel training course since joining Schoolcomms which I found very useful.

What has most surprised you about your role at Schoolcomms?

The biggest surprise I got was how many schools are called St Marys!

Any advice for someone wanting to join your team?

If anyone was interested in joining our accounts team then you would need to be ready to work hard, be adaptable, thorough and accurate. It would also help if you could make a good cup of tea………….we drink lots, well Jo and Wendy do, I have to skip a few but then I haven’t been here as long as them!

In your opinion, what makes Schoolcomms a unique place to work?

Schoolcomms is such a unique place to work because of the Management Team. The support and commitment they show their staff is amazing. They know how to get the best out of people – we work hard and play hard!

Is there anything that you’re particularly proud of that you’ve achieved since being at Schoolcomms?

I’m proud of how much I’ve learnt in the short time I’ve been here, my colleagues have all been so helpful to teach me and show me the ropes where necessary ever since I started. It’s also great to finish each day at work knowing I’ve worked hard.

Perks of the job?

Without sounding too cheesy the biggest perk of the job is actually enjoying coming to work every day and working with such a great team of people. Being a mum of 2, having the opportunity to work term time only is a huge bonus and the fun nights out we have along the way help too!

We're not currently hiring in this department, but we may need someone like you very soon. If you’d like to submit your CV speculatively, then please send a copy to jobs@schoolcomms.com