What was your first job role at Schoolcomms? And today?

I joined as a Marketing Executive, being the second member of the team.  I am still a Marketing Executive, but we are now a team of 7 and I line manage 2 members of the team.  I also look after the operational side of marketing as I developed this as the team grew.

How long have you worked at Schoolcomms?

I joined Schoolcomms in May 2014.

What made you apply for a job at Schoolcomms?

I had been working in the tourism industry for the previous 4 years, which meant my busiest times were during the school holidays – exactly when I wanted to enjoy Cornwall at its best!  My role was very varied and while it did include all the marketing for the attraction, it was not my sole focus.  I was keen to get back into a pure marketing role and the fact that it was with a technology based company was a bonus, as this is the industry my career has been based on.

Describe your first week at Schoolcomms

All teams were in a growth phase so I was only the ‘new’ person for about 4 days!  Schoolcomms provide a good induction program so the first week was all about understanding the company ethos, the education industry and how all the different teams work together to provide our customers with the best solution.

What’s it like working in Bude?

I’ve lived in Cornwall for 13 years now.  Bude is a great place to work with bespoke shops and great places to eat.  Having your lunch on the beach is definitely a perk!

What would a normal working day look like for you?

I have no idea – it’s never normal!  There is always a strategic plan, but you have to be flexible to meet the needs of the business.  Generating enough leads for a hungry sales team via different mediums is my core focus day-to-day, but there are also larger projects that I work on.  It is always varied and no two days are the same.

What training and development opportunities have you been able to take advantage of since being at Schoolcomms?

Schoolcomms provide continual training on their products which is key for us to be able to talk about them.  I have also completed an intermediate Excel course and a Level 3 in Leadership and Management.

What has most surprised you about your role at Schoolcomms?

The level of inclusion that all staff are given in the direction that our products take.  Each member of staff is given the opportunity to say what they feel would be an important development or improvement.  At a team level we are always encouraged to put forward ideas and to collaborate with each other.  Although the company has grown significantly since I joined – this has not changed and every person’s input is valued.

Any advice for someone wanting to join your team?

You don’t have to have a background in the education industry or technology.  It is also not about knowing everything or having lots of qualifications as you are supported from day one. If you can demonstrate that you understand the importance of marketing within a business then you are half way there!

In your opinion, what makes Schoolcomms a unique place to work?

The opportunity to progress in your career is encouraged alongside personal development. Schoolcomms also strives to look after all its employees, not only during the working day but also after, by putting on lots of social events throughout the year.

Is there anything that you’re particularly proud of that you’ve achieved since being at Schoolcomms?

In my first year I used my event experience and revamped how we ran our seminar program which made them much more successful.  More recently I have implemented a project for an audience identified as a new opportunity. This has been a huge task from the initial concept, strategic campaign planning and execution.   We have just seen our first deals being won from this – so this is something I am particularly proud of.

Perks of the job?

We all work hard, but we can have fun while we are doing it!

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