Introducing Medical Tracker: The Ultimate Online School Accident Book

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of first aid paperwork needed to record and report accidents at your school? The ever-entertaining, but equally problematic space hopper comes to mind…

It’s safe to say you’re not alone. There are many administrative processes schools need to have in place should an accident occur. And let’s face it, bumps and scrapes are near on impossible to avoid in the playground.

Day in day out, schools need to overcome many a safeguarding hurdle. Whether it be an incident, illness or injury – it all needs to be logged, tracked and reported.

For most schools, this level of reporting and monitoring can often require endless amounts of paper, and inevitably, illegible handwriting. This can cause many important records or reports to go missing or become indecipherable – an admin headache all schools can do without.

In short, wouldn’t it be great if schools could automate, streamline and simplify record-keeping and reporting as part of their daily routine?

Well, here at Schoolcomms we are always looking to make a difference. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Medical Tracker: the definitive tool for recording accidents, care plans and managing medical conditions.

How to get the most out of Medical Tracker

Record injuries, illnesses and accidents in seconds

Recording accidents can often be time-consuming and laborious, but it needn’t be this way.
Medical Tracker in app

With Medical Tracker, schools can record any number of health and safety-related incidents, from bumps and scrapes to illnesses and injuries, with minimum time and effort.

The easy-to-use system pulls student and staff information through from your MIS and one-click drop-downs mean little to no staff training is required.

Medical Tracker even enables schools to record and report near misses. This makes it easier to identify hazards, which can prevent further incidents later down the line.

Send emails, register calls, and print letters at the click of a button

It is imperative schools notify parents and carers should there be any incidents, accidents or issues with medication. This can often be a drain on time and resources, especially if you’re relying on paper communications.

Medical Tracker links with Schoolcomms, enabling schools to send in-app notifications or texts straight to parents via School Gateway or by text. This ensures parents receive vital notifications straight to their mobiles.

As a result, schools can keep a full audit trail of communications, removing the need for mountains of unnecessary paperwork, while keeping parents updated.

What’s more, the system makes it easier than ever for staff to be notified too, via automated alerts or manual notifications.

Store all your student information in one place

How quickly would you be able to find a paper record of an incident that occurred over a year ago?

For many schools, this would likely be a long and arduous process, which needn’t be the case.

Courtesy of Medical Tracker’s simple search functionality, schools can now find a specific incident and produce accurate reports to Governors in record time.

Also, Medical Tracker can retrieve information about specific medical plans. As such, all your nurse has to do if they’re looking to find information about a pupil’s specific medicine requirements is to search the pupil’s name, and their record will show.

Preset filters ensure schools can find and analyse the incidents that matter most. These detailed filters include location, regular first aid room visitors and serious incidents.

Having completed their search, schools can export the data in several different formats, meaning reports are ready to go in no time.

Create actionable reports and insights

Medical Tracker is an invaluable tool when it comes to producing accurate and actionable reporting.

In the event an incident occurs, schools can identify common injuries, times, locations and activities. Subsequently, schools can carry out an effective and efficient risk assessment, providing an easier way to safeguard students.

Track medication expiry

Medical Tracker enables schools to monitor medication expiry, ensuring medicine is always in date.

Not only that, notifications about expiring medication can be sent to parents and carers via text, School Gateway or the Schoolcomms link. This enables them to receive potentially life-saving information directly to their mobiles.

Manage medical conditions

Students have many different needs and requirements, which means staying on top of prescribed medication can often be quite a challenge.

Using Medical Tracker, you can create, or upload a medication consent form. This will not only keep a historic record, but also keep relevant staff up-to-date about their students’ wellbeing.

Better still, schools can create a daily medication register which will tell staff which students need to take their medication that day. This is a great contingency plan if regular staff are not in school.

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