3 simple texts to make a difference

Following on from results published from the Parent Engagement Project, here are some tried and tested, simple steps to get started with texting to improve attainment

1. Texting during important test period

“Hi, Lily has an English test on Friday. Please remind her to revise and help her in any way you can. Thanks!”

We advise sending two test reminder texts, one text the night before, and another text four days prior to the test. This gives the parent enough time to encourage their child to revise.

2. Texting to increase homework completion

“‘Hi, Alex did not submit his most recent English homework. Please help him catch up. Thanks, St Marks'”

The most effective time to send missing homework texts are the same day the homework was due. This means the topics are still fresh in the child’s mind and they can still complete the tasks, and that the class won’t progress too far without the child catching up.

3. Texting to increase attendance

“Hi, James missed three days of school last term. The average in Year 9 is one day. Please remember how important attendance is. Thanks, St Mark’s”

An effective way to improve attendance at school is to let parents know their child’s average attendance compared to the rest of the year.

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