St Thomas à Becket Catholic Secondary School

Schoolcomms allowed us at St Thomas à Becket, to tick all of our parental engagement boxes in one easy to manage package.

Parents can communicate student absence, monitor live attendance, achievement and behaviour data and also pay for lunch money and for trips directly from their mobile phones quickly and easily.

The all-in-one School Gateway app eliminates the need for two or three separate systems for parents to have to remember passwords for; every bit of the information they need is there on their phone in one place. All that needs to be done is to simply download the free app from the App-store or Google Play, or just log in on their PC.

The system integrates with our MIS seamlessly and automatically updates parental contacts and their information. Access to the app at the school end is available to as many individuals or departments as you like.

One of the best things is that here at St Thomas a Becket we have managed to recover the cost of using Schoolcomms and more; I have started to think of it as free, because as well as saving on costly text messaging to parents, (all app messages and longer emails don’t cost anything), we also managed to identify many extra Pupil Premium qualifying families through parents taking the in-app test, which has brought quite a sum of money into school to provide extra facilities.

We managed to identify many extra Pupil Premium qualifying families through parents taking the in-app test

Mark Haddleton, IT Coordinator & Support Manager
I personally have been very happy for other schools’ management to come and see how we use Schoolcomms and was surprised when visiting a particular Secondary school open day with my son, (a school that had previously asked me for information about it), to find that they had just started to implement Schoolcomms themselves. They were very proud of it and someone even asked me to see how it worked!

The best advert for the package however is that once our parents see it they love it and it does encourage a much more involved and open two-way passage of valuable information.


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