School App Packages for Parent Engagement

How can Schoolcomms' parent app help us achieve outstanding status?

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What does it do?

Schoolcomms provides one powerful MIS-integrated system for schools to engage with parents and students.

You can use the parent app to provide helpful information like achievement reports and timetables.

Set up clubs and events then allow parents to book sessions and pay digitally through the School Gateway app.

What are the options?

Choose one of our four packages: Engagement in Learning, Communication, Cashless or Full Suite.

You can also add additional modules for managing parents evening, school dinners and GDPR.

Take a look at this simple package comparison chart to see some of the features you get in each one.



How do we set it up?

When you join us, one of our advisors will guide you through the process and we’ll train any staff that will be using the system.

The first thing to do is invite as many parents or students as you can to download the app. A unique PIN will be generated for them to set up an account linked with your school.

We’re fully SIMS integrated so you can use your existing groups to target messages to the right parents.

How do parents get it?

Parents can download the School Gateway app for Android or iOS on the app store. It’ll work on phones, tablets and even smart watches. They can also access School Gateway on the web with most other devices too.

Once they have their PIN, they can log in and start engaging with their school.

Parents with more than one child at different schools can handle everything from one app; no need for multiple login details.


So what can we do with the app?

Attendance on smartphone app

Free two-way messaging

Once you’re set up, you can start enjoying the amazing benefits of the system. Full synchronisation with SIMS means you can easily send out group messages to the right parents.

If they have the app they’ll receive the message there. If not, they’ll still get the message via text.

As more parents get on the app – the more effective, and cheaper, communication becomes!

Engagement and progress reports

If parents take an active role in their child’s education, attainment rises. School can help by keeping them informed on their child’s progress by sending achievements and awards via the app.

Set up custom links to homework, calendars, news and online parents evening booking, ensuring all the latest information is at parents’ fingertips.

The more informed parents are about behaviour, the better it becomes. Send updates to parents and soon… you won’t have to.

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Club bookings on laptop

Clubs and event management

Make it easy for pupils and parents to get involved. Set up breakfast and after-school clubs with Schoolcomms.

Parents can view session timetables in the app and book their place. By setting place limits, you can easily manage club sizes.

When combined with our intuitive payment system, admin gets even more efficient. Organising trips and gaining parental consent becomes so much simpler.

Cashless Payments

Accept card payments, Instant Bank Transfer or PayPoint. Parents can keep track of their balance and pay for dinners, clubs, trips and uniform through the app or online.

You can set up automatic balance reminders to help parents keep track of their finances.

Track payment history and issue parents with digital or printed receipts.

Payments on smartphone app

Trusted by over 2,000,000 parents

Used by over 3,000 schools

School Gateway genuinely gets me more engaged and involved at home with my daughter's schooling.

Rohan (Parent), Queen Elizabeth's, Exeter

Speak to an advisor

Our advisors can answer any questions you may have about our packages.

If you’d like, they can also walk you through a demonstration of the system and its capabilities.

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