Designed to improve efficiency and save staff time. Parents can easily book meal choices in advance from our Branded Parent App resulting in less wastage and reduced admin time.

Menu Choices

Upload menu choices for parents to select at time of booking. Parents have a record of what their children have eaten.

Manage FSM

Reads FSM and UIFSM direct from SIMS and amends costs for you. No duplicate data or duplicate databases.

Online Booking

Parents can book online and pay online or via the app, helping you control parent debt.

Flexible Pricing

Different meal choices can be charged at different rates – great for staff and children pricing options.

Meal Reporting

Full range of reports to help efficiency for kitchen and finance staff.

Classroom Booking

Teachers can sign-in and make meal selections for pupils in the classroom.

Payment Options

Parents can pay via debit/credit cards, Bank Transfer or PayPoint.