Stage 1: Launching School Gateway

Showing staff and parents the value of School Gateway

Take the time to explain the advantages of Schoolcomms and School Gateway to staff and parents.
The more School Gateway ambassadors at your school, the faster the message will spread.

School Gateway Savings Calculator 

A simple calculator to show how much money parents can save the school by signing up to School Gateway. Fill in all your basic information and try altering the percentage of parents who have downloaded the School Gateway app and see how much of a difference it makes to your school’s budget.

School Gateway Savings Calculator

School Gateway Information

The School Gateway site doesn’t just provide a place for parents without smartphones to login to the School Gateway system. They can access help guides and learn what information School Gateway can provide. Make sure your staff are aware of this site so they can share it with parents.

School Gateway Information

Communication is key

It is important that parents understand that if they want to be kept up to date with what is going on at school, then they need to be using School Gateway. There may be a small number of parents who are unable to use School Gateway and that’s OK – Schoolcomms has inbuilt functionality to cater for these parents. The vast majority of your parents will have access to a smartphone or computer and will be able to easily access School Gateway.

Communication Templates

Some handy templates that can be used for your website, school newsletters and in general communication with parents. Simply customise the wording to make it relevant to your school and Schoolcomms package.

Communication Templates

Improving Awareness

Talk about School Gateway at parents evenings and make sure it’s a part of parents’ and students’ day-to-day life. Here you will find images and posters to put on your site, in communications or around the school.

School Gateway Images

Involve your students

It’s amazing how far a little competition can go, especially among students and although some of your parents may struggle with the concept of an app your students almost certainly won’t.

Getting Students Involved

How are other schools using School Gateway?

See how other schools have encouraged their parents to use School Gateway and how they’ve reached their goals – from going entirely cashless to having 90% app uptake in 3 months!

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