Schoolcomms Payments

For Schools

The market leading payment collection system for schools looking to offer parents the option to pay via a mobile app. Low transaction charges, flexible set-up and reporting options. Easy for staff.

For Parents

Parents love paying by app – it’s fast and easily accessible, especially for parents without a PC. Parents can make payments via app, PC or tablet. They can view balances and check payment deadlines. It’s easy to use – so parents use it!

Parents can pay via, Instant Bank Transfer, Credit or Debit Card.

Fixed fee transaction charge of only 16p

Instant Bank Transfer (IBT) with Schoolcomms offers schools the opportunity to fix transaction costs. When parents pay via IBT, the charge for that transaction is only 16p. You can choose to offer parents IBT option only so you can guarantee what your transaction costs will be.

IBT payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme offered by all banks and building societies. The details are saved in the system securely, so the process of making a payment is quick and easy.

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