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Each of our products works together. Whether it’s messaging, club management or payment services, they’ll all build on the parent app, enriching its capabilities.

Branded App

Choose the features, set the style

With Schoolcomms’ parent app, you decide which features your school needs. Then, set the colour scheme, logo and banner so parents can immediately identify your school’s app.

SIMS Partner

Integration with the leading MIS

Easily synchronise SIMS data with your parent app and messaging service. No need to enter data twice ever again. Over 3,000 schools trust our simple and secure integration with SIMS.

Build an app perfect for your school

Unrivalled SIMS integration

  • No need to enter the same data twice ever again.
  • Sync email and text communications to SIMS.
  • Publish reports, timetables and achievements from SIMS to parents on the app.
  • Keep important contact and medical information up to date and consistent across systems.
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Schoolcomms' Data Processing Agreement and GDPR

We are pleased to confirm that Schoolcomms’ Data Processing Agreement and Privacy Notice have been updated due to GDPR legislation. Please read our latest Privacy Notice and new Terms and Conditions for further information.

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Trusted by over 2,000,000 parents

Used by over 3,000 schools

The Payments system has had a very positive impact on our work in the office, reducing the amount of cash handling considerably

St Charles R.C. Primary

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If you’d like, they can also walk you through a demonstration of the system and its capabilities.

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