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If you're interested in enhancing parent engagement at your school, get in touch and one of our dedicated advisors will be ready to help. They can explain the benefits of our various packages and the great features from the leading parent app - School Gateway. Just ask for a demonstration and they'll be happy to show you how it all works.

  Team Leaders


Picture6Jack is one of the most dedicated people we know. He’s hard-working and always willing to help. He knows how schools work and what they need to improve parent engagement in an easy and effective way.


Ian joined us in the summer of 2016. He quickly grasped the Schoolcomms system and is always eager to hear about the latest product developments so that the whole team can offer the best advice possible to you.

  Team Administrator


Sue 2Sue is the first point of contact. She ensures all customers get through to the right advisor so queries are answered within a timely manner. She also gets schools up and running with their new system.

  Customer Advisors


Picture11Stuart joined us from London seven years ago. Stuart is a Schoolcomms expert and advises schools who want to harness parent engagement using the latest technology. He helps them choose the right mix of products to suit their requirements.


Natasha joined the team in late 2015. She has a natural aptitude for guiding schools to help them find the right solution. Natasha’s knowledge of the system helps her advise schools on how to increase their parent engagement using Schoolcomms.


Ruth joined the team from a local company in Bude. She has firmly grasped the benefits of the Schoolcomms system and how it can help get parents engaged. Ruth uses her expertise to help schools identify ways to improve their communications with parents and become truly outstanding.


Meryl joined us in November 2017. A working mum; she understands the importance of having parents engaged in their child’s school life. She uses her knowledge to help schools choose the best solution for their needs.

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