What was your first job role at Schoolcomms?

I first worked for Schoolcomms indirectly as part of the development team as a Support Test Analyst. I was involved in testing new products and features as well as providing assistance to the Schoolcomms support team. Now my role is with the Product team which means I am more involved in requirements gathering and collecting feedback to feed into the project specification.

How long have you worked at Schoolcomms?

I re-joined Schoolcomms at the start of September 2015, after completing a placement year as part of my university degree.

What made you apply for a job at Schoolcomms?

The size of the business was a big attraction. I find that in a small team you are entrusted with a lot more responsibility which is challenging but ultimately helps you to develop a broad range of skills. There is lots of support available to you and it is clear that your team really want to see you succeed. Although Schoolcomms is a small company, it’s always looking to grow which is great as it provides lots of opportunity to develop your career.

Describe your first week at Schoolcomms

A blur. Finding out what my responsibilities were, bringing myself up to speed with the latest projects that I was going to be working on, getting used to being back in a working environment after years of lecture halls.

What’s it like working in the Schoolcomms office Worthing?

It’s a great office to work in. We have recently moved premises, previously we were split across a couple of different offices, now we all work in one large office which is great.

What would a normal working day look like for you?

There isn’t really a ‘normal’ working day which is why I enjoy this role so much! We often have multiple projects on the go at any one time so my time can be spent gathering requirements and feedback from customers, creating specifications for upcoming projects, arranging trial schools for projects that are close to being released and liaising with different teams within business.

What training and development opportunities have you been able to take advantage of since being at Schoolcomms?

We have weekly meetings with our line manager. This time is dedicated to our professional development where we are able to raise areas that we would like to focus more on or what coaching we would benefit from.

What has most surprised you about your role at Schoolcomms?

How quickly I seem to have settled in. I have enjoyed getting stuck in from day one and have been surprised by how much I have already learned.

Any advice for someone wanting to join your team?

If you want to be a valued member of a growing team and are up for a challenge then Schoolcomms sounds like a good fit for you.

In your opinion, what makes Schoolcomms a unique place to work?

Schoolcomms demands high standards of all its employees which manifest themselves in a quality product, quality customer service and quality people.

We're not currently hiring in this department, but we may need someone like you very soon. If you’d like to submit your CV speculatively, then please send a copy to jobs@schoolcomms.com