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At Schoolcomms we know that when it comes to a child’s education, parents matter.

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Our Mission

Parental engagement has a very positive impact on a child’s learning. At Schoolcomms we know that when it comes to a child’s education, parents matter – we want to help schools engage parents more closely by developing a two-way relationship with home, ultimately improving the child’s learning and education. We know that technology alone can’t do this, but using it to enhance the relationship between school, parents and students, is the key. When staff can handle admin and communications quickly and accurately by using Schoolcomms, they have more time to focus on raising attainment and achieving outstanding status.

How did we get here?

It all started in 2003 when we saw a missing link between messaging systems and the schools MIS. We brought together a small team of people and alongside Capita, we developed Schoolcomms to be fully integrated with SIMS. It began with Messaging, and gradually we developed more features. By 2008 we had added Import from SIMS, writing back to SIMS and Attendance features. After having our first official sale in December 2004 we started to grow, steadily at first then more quickly after 2008 once the product had developed. By this time our small team had expanded and in 2009, we moved into an office in Bude, Cornwall. 2010 brought a very snowy winter, when many schools realised the real benefit of having an efficient communication system to send important messages to parents in bulk, so Schoolcomms continued to flourish…


Back to the present… We now provide a sophisticated parent app integrating our features for messaging, reporting, club management and cashless payments, so that parents can engage from any place at any time. Our one-system parental engagement solution is now trusted by over 3,000 schools across the UK. In January 2017, Schoolcomms was acquired by ParentPay, the merger bringing together two leading lights in the provision of web and mobile delivered payment and engagement services for schools and parents.

What we do

Schoolcomms provides the easiest and most efficient way to engage parents closely with their children’s education. We work with schools to continually develop and improve our products, ensuring schools have all the tools they need to continue raising standards. We maintain an exceptional level of customer service throughout our relationship with schools. We have a dedicated support team on hand to assist with any queries or issues whether you’re new to Schoolcomms or a long standing customer.


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