Schoolcomms Branded Parent App

A parent app is one of the best ways to build strong engagement between school and home. Schoolcomms’ app allows you to bring all your services under one system with messaging, payments, clubs and more.

What does it do?


Add your school branding

Use your branding to reinforce your school community. Customisable banner, logo and school colours – change as often as you want.

Paperless reporting

Save on printing and postage costs by moving to paperless comms. By publishing reports to the app, you’ll be sure they reach home.

Attendance management

By sharing attendance data direct from SIMS to the app you can improve attendance by working with parents to stay on top of unexplained absences.

Schoolcomms Branded Parent App on Android Device

App messaging

Parents will receive free app messages, saving you a lot of money on texts when you communicate.

Cashless payments

Accept debit/credit card, Bank Transfer and PayPoint payments from parents for school meals, clubs, trips, uniform and more.

Club bookings

Parents love being able to book clubs via the app as it’s so convenient and fits into their busy lives.

Choose the features you need

Each product integrates with the app seamlessly, enriching the experience for parents even further. Choose the features you want and upgrade at any time.

Parent Communication

Schoolcomms Messaging Dashboard

Parent Engagement

Schoolcomms Engagement on Smartwatch

Cashless Payments

Schoolcomms Payments on iPhone

Club Management

Schoolcomms Clubs on tablet


Schoolcomms Meal Manager on laptop

Parents Evening System

Parents Evening System


What would the app look like for you?

If you’re interested in a branded parent app for your school, speak to our advisors. They can explain the options and even show you a preview. Just provide them with your choice of colours, logo and banner image.

Get a branded app preview


It’s under your control

Schoolcomms is unique because our products work together, which makes for one incredibly powerful app. To help schools manage all that power, we developed a super easy-to-use dashboard for schools. It helps you take control of every aspect of your app and manage each Schoolcomms product you use.

  • Monitor app uptake, check the effectiveness of your parent comms
  • Update the app branding at any time. Use the banner section to promote events or pupil achievements
  • Each feature can be switched on or off depending on how you would like parents to use the app

Speak to an advisor

They can answer any questions you may have, or walk you through a demonstration of the system and its capabilities