Schoolcomms Products

Let’s think about the biggest challenges faced in your school and how we might achieve a successful outcome. Schoolcomms offers a full range of products outlined below. All of them will build upon the app, enriching the parent experience. You can add additional features at any time covering communications, engagement, payments, clubs, school dinners and parents evening bookings.

Parent Communication

Texts and emails are great; but adding two-way app messaging is even better for parents and staff. You can send out messages to parent groups at no charge. Parents will receive these messages in the app. Any parents not using the app will still get a regular text message, so it remains inclusive of parents not using smartphones.

  • Free app messaging cuts down on texting and printing costs
  • Parents can submit absence explanations – write back to SIMS
  • Web based management dashboard for staff to manage comms from anywhere
  • Set up templates for regular use (e.g. awards or newsletters)


Parent Engagement

If you want to see pupil attainment rise, one of the most effective measures is to build strong engagement between school, the pupil and the parents; the evidence is clear.

  • Improve attendance and keep on top of unexplained absences
  • Distribute reports from SIMS digitally to save time on administration
  • Choose which achievement notifications parents receive through the app
  • Move to paperless communication with access to reports, timetables, homework and more through the app

How much money could your School save by using Schoolcomms?


Cashless Payments

Parents can use the app to pay for dinners, clubs, trips, uniform and more. Items appear in the app, then they can pay using card, Bank Transfer or PayPoint. Pupils will no longer have to carry cash in to school so there’s no chance of trip money going missing.

  • Check available balance and receive reminders when it gets low
  • Staff will be able to monitor payments and use a range of financial reporting features
  • Integrates with all leading cashless catering systems


Club Management

By managing clubs with Schoolcomms, parents always know which clubs are on and when schedules change, they just check the app. Being able to manage attendance and registers helps guarantee child protection during after-school hours.

  • Use the dashboard to set up as many clubs as you like
  • Parents book their preferred sessions with the app
  • Set place limits to control numbers and generate digital or printed registers

Meal Management

Meal Management is a large part of the school day. Whether that’s ensuring the correct stock has been ordered, being able to see whether every child has a meal or taking payments – it’s a big task. Our meal management solutions give schools the tools they need to streamline the process and the flexibility to choose the product that best fits their school.


Schoolcomms Meal Manager

Meal Manager from Schoolcomms is a paperless and cashless solution that increases efficiency in school. Parents can select meals and pay in advance online or on the app, fitting in with their busy lives and allowing schools to keep on top of parent debt.

  • Parents can book and pay for meals in advance via the app
  • Smart technology allows for meal selections in the classroom; the perfect opportunity for food education in class
  • Visual support for younger children
  • Shows only safe options for those with special dietary needs
  • Supports FSM and UIFSM so parents are not charged
  • Kitchen receives reports of meals booked and numbers allowing them to minimise waste
  • Parents can keep track of what their child has eaten and are only charged for meals taken

Medical Tracker for Schoolcomms

Medical Tracker

Transform how you manage important pupil medical information and interact with parents, should an injury in school take place. Integrated with School Gateway and your MIS, Medical Tracker can store student medical histories, specific care plans, immediately alert parents to bumps and scrapes, and monitor medicine expiry dates, creating an all-encompassing incident monitoring system.

  • Receive automated notifications when medicine is about to expire
  • Integrate with School Gateway and your MIS
  • Share life-saving information and reduce serious incidents
  • Eliminate lost or hard-to-read records and lengthy filing systems

Parents Evening System

Experience parents’ evenings without the hassle. Benefit from an easy setup via integration with your school management system and connect with School Gateway to provide parents with easy access to booking.

  • Can be linked with Schoolcomms’ parent app
  • Cuts down on admin time and reduces chance of missed appointments
  • The Video Appointments module enables remote meetings with parents

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